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Bone Density Biohack

The word is spreading like wildfire that there is a biohack option besides DXA for observing bone quantity and quality. That fantastic biohack is called the Echolight REMs diagnostic ultrasound. The good news is we have one! This has more and more people traveling to Asheville for a scan.

I find myself saying the same thing to almost everyone, which is, “you need to search for “Echolight near me,” (or a practitioner with bioDensity or an OsteoStrong franchise in your city and/or state) and begin an osteogenic loading regimen sooner than later regardless of diagnostic results if you think bone health is an issue.” For some folks, there is a location within an hour’s drive. For some, an even longer commute is required (keep in mind my introduction to osteogenic loading was watching my mom travel an hour each way, ultimately achieving extraordinary results and setting the course for StrengthX).

A lengthy commute can usually lead to the question, “is it worth it if I can’t make the weekly workout?” to which I always reply with an emphatic “YES”!

Why Osteogenic Loading is a Signal (Rather than a Workout)

I like to view osteogenic loading more as a signal than a workout. I’ve been into fitness and health all my life, and the max isometric differs significantly from the more metabolic driving exercises we commonly train in the fitness arena regarding weight (stress) and movement (skill). The OGL can feel relatively easy (or not hard), accompanied by a lack of sweating and relatively calm breathing, making us question if anything is happening. But I can assure you the secret sauce lies in the ability to push one’s comfort and see the biofeedback meter on the screen move forward, thus driving Wolff’s law and stressing your structural system by safely loading multiples of body weight required for bone stimulation. The max isometric is a prime candidate for safely and most easily stimulating osteoblastic activity not being achieved via ground force impact.

OGL: A Strategic Biohack for Bone Health and Bone Density

So you see, your weekly osteogenic loading session is a strategic therapy for sending a signal to your musculoskeletal system that impact or compression is occurring and the necessary cellular adaptions to adequately take on that load should initiate. Over time this is the signal that stops bone loss in its tracks and opens the door for potential increased bone density while improving self-awareness, self-confidence, stability, and strength.

I’ll leave you with this metaphor I like best: imagine dancing to music is our therapy. You haven’t heard any music of any kind since your childhood, which was the last time you danced to music. Wouldn’t it be worth it, even if it was only once a month, to drive however long to hear the exact music that stimulates you to dance for the first time in too long a time versus continuing to live in perpetual darkness, never feeling the sweet musical vibrations? Something is always better than nothing in this context. It’s finally time to crank the speakers up and get back to real work.

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