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From the first time I met Dr. Mike, I knew that he was the perfect chiropractor/trainer for me.  I had received a diagnosis of osteoporosis, and I was very frightened of falling and breaking a hip and being in a wheelchair.  Dr. Mike’s mother was also an inspiration for me as I listened to her story of how she had been able to reverse her osteoporosis.  I have been with Dr. Mike for close to 3 years, longer than I have stuck with just about anything.  I have been balance training, have had no falls and will be looking forward to future bone density scans. During my training sessions and with the Osteogenic Loading, Dr. Mike is tuned into me 100%, his attention never wavers and he teaches me to tune into my body and what it is doing (or not doing). I have noticed a significant decrease in my neck and shoulder tension as well as my lower back and hip flexor pain. And I am standing straighter and these training sessions are the gift I give myself; they have translated into my everyday world in numerous ways, small and large.”
-Dorothy M. PhD

StrengthX and Dr. Mike have been very beneficial for me, my energy and endurance have increased. The muscles in my arms, legs and back are stronger, making it possible to lift heavier objects with ease. The arthritic pain in my joints has decreased and I have less inflammation. All these improvements in my health have made it possible for me to experience more active and positive days. I’m 83 and getting stronger, thanks StrengthX!
-Susan S.

“It’s not what you do,
it’s how you do it.“

— Dr. Mike Lewen

Dr Mike has helped many athletes including professional football players, baseball players and wrestlers.
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