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Answers and Solutions

We’ve all heard the phrase “talk is cheap” and for good reason. I will take it one step further as it relates to bone health in that “talk is weak”.

A constant point of emphasis at StrengthX is appreciating answers and solutions but more importantly their difference. Answers are not solutions.

If we looked up Merriam-Webster online definitions we would see something like this:

Answer - something spoken or written in reply to a question

Solution - an action or process of solving a problem

Don’t get me wrong, answers are great! I spent almost 40 years looking for answers to what my body was feeling and it finally came in the form of one of StrengthX’s first clients who only came in twice to do power plate and suggest reading a book on hyper mobility. This was a profound moment as I realized I was text book case of Ehlers Danlos, a genetic condition related to collagen production and synthesis that can effect several, if not all, systems of the body. Learning this answer helped understand the life’s long pain, injury cycles and even the stretchy, velvety skin. The attempt at a solution was always present in what I was pursuing in the varieties of sports and fitness endeavors, training methodologies, chiropractic license and even patented my own fitness equipment (The Space Trainer). Like many of us, I was searching for an answer and a solution, time provided the clarity to begin passing lessons onto others and avoiding the down cycles.

When it comes to bone density, StrengthX understands this situation and offers you both. Echolight REMS ultrasound technology provides us with a consistent and reliable answer to bone health. You will receive a report similar to DXA regarding BMD (bone mineral density) with corresponding T-Score, Z-Score and diagnosis as well as 5 Year % Risk Fracture and Fragility Score.

As for the solution, BioDensity weekly Osteogenic Loading sessions are the obvious choice for satisfying Wolff’s Law and halting bone loss in its tracks.

If you have recently been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis, if you have a family history of bone disease or if you simply want to get an idea about the state of your bone health then StrengthX has you covered. I’m always telling people who come into StrengthX that regardless of dxa or echolight results, getting started towards the solution needs to be the main focus and we need to get started sooner than later because at the end of the day actions speak louder than words and talk is weak. Stay strong.


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